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Department Agreement between Tohoku University and University College London (UCL)

 Tohoku University Graduate School of Life Sciences has concluded a department agreement with School of Life and Medical Sciences, University College London (UCL) on January 23, 2011.  The agreement aims to promote collaborative researches, information/material exchange, and student/researcher exchange in Life Sciences. 


 Tohoku University Graduate School of Life Sciences has put effort into developing an environment for global education and research in order to nurture global leaders, and promoting a program to send doctoral students and young researchers to world-class research institutes in Europe including UK by the support of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).  Tohoku University and UCL have increased the relationship by promoting active exchange among young researchers such as holding a joint symposium in UK in March 2010. 


 UCL is a world-class university that produced 21 Nobel Prize recipients and placed 4th in QS World University Rankings in 2010.  UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences has more than 1,000 laboratories and has been known as a center for research and education in Life Sciences in Europe.  It has been known well that Choshu Five including Ito Hirobumi and Inoue Kaoru had studied in UCL at the end of Edo Period, and significantly contributed to the establishment and development of Meiji government. 


 The signing ceremony of the department agreement was held on Tohoku University Katahira Campus with the attendance of Kevin Knappett, First Secretary of British Embassy in Japan.  The ceremony was part of the first International Symposium on Brain Science and the second joint symposium by the two universities held from January 21 through January 23, 2011.


 Tohoku University and UCL will further increase the exchange in Life Sciences including promoting collaborative research and education, joint symposium, information/material exchange, and student/researcher exchange. 


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