Recruitment notice: Lecturer/ Associate Professor of Marine Biology

The Faculty of Agriculture/Graduate School of Agriculture is recruiting for the following position.

Position: Lecturer/Associate Professor
Location: Faculty of Agriculture/Graduate School of Agriculture
Job description:

Responsibilities include

(1) teaching subjects related to Life Science and the Biology of Aquatic Organisms at the undergraduate level (specifically: Introduction to Physiology and Ecology, Marine Biology, Physiology of Biological Resources, Seafood Management, Introduction to Aquatic Production).

(2) supporting the improvement of English language ability.

(3) supporting the internationalization of education systems in cooperation with the Tohoku University Global Learning Center. Overseeing research and education projects as well as organizational management is also required.


A doctoral degree in Marine Biology or related fields.

Number of positions:
Position type: Full-time
Application deadline: October 31, 2018


Professor Waka Sato-Okoshi
Tel: +81-22-757-4243

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