Support Your Favourite Sports Club through the Tohoku University Giving Campaign!

The Tohoku University Giving Campaign is an online charity event to support the activities of the student clubs and circles that belong to the Student Friendship Association.

A total of 40 student clubs and circles are vying for your votes here.

Simply choose the club you wish to support, and vote for it. Each club will be ranked according to how many votes they get. The club with the most votes at the end of the campaign will receive funding for their activities from the campaign sponsors.

Event: Tohoku University Giving Campaign
Dates: November 19 - 27, 2022
Participating organization: Student Friendship Association
How to vote:

In addition to voting, you can also support the students by leaving a message to cheer them on. Or by using the donation function on the voting page to donate an amount to a specific club. Donations are eligible for Japanese tax incentives.

The Giving Campaign is an initiative to channel sponsorship money collected from companies nationwide to Tohoku University-related organisations that promote student activities such as clubs and circles. This campaign is managed by the Tohoku University Fund through Alumnote Inc.


Tohoku University Fund Office
Tel: 022-217-6290/5058

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