Tohoku University is dedicated to exploring new opportunities for research activity and to collaboration with leading university networks.

Tohoku University is renowned for its achievements in technological innovation and for the practical application of these technologies to the advancement of society. Inventions born at Tohoku University include the KS and NKS steels, the Yagi-Uda antenna, fibre optics, and perpendicular magnetic recording.

Feature Highlights

  • In Conversation with Susumu Satomi

    In Conversation with Susumu Satomi

    Before stepping down on March 31, former president Susumu Satomi shared some of his favourite memories of his time at the university.

  • Motoko Kotani: By the Numbers

    Motoko Kotani: By the Numbers

    AIMR Director Motoko Kotani, talks about using mathematics as the common language bridging the different disciplines within materials science.


  • Research Institutes and Centers

    Tohoku University has 1,763 Research fellows from overseas, 12 Inter-Department Institutes for Education and 11 University Collaborating Institutions.

  • International Visitor Research Center

    A new institution which is open to researchers around the world, where people from diverse disciplines can gather, learn and create.

  • Research Profiles

    Utilizing Tohoku University's research results and resources in various industries.

  • Academic Research Staff

    This site provides you with information on academic research staff at Tohoku University.

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