Go! Fight! Win! Tohoku University to take on Sendai University in Friendly Soccer Match

As part of their newly established Sports Office, Sendai University will be live streaming two soccer matches that will be taking place at their South Grand Soccer Field on November 18.

Tohoku University's men's soccer team will play the first match against the hosts at 11am. In the afternoon, Sendai University's women's soccer team will take on Tokiwagi Gakuen High School at 3.

Both games will be streamed on Sendai University's sports broadcasting channel.

Gates will also be opened to fans who would like to cheer for the teams in person.

Event: Men's Soccer, Tohoku University vs Sendai University
Date & Time: November 18, 2018, 11 am.
Venue: Sendai University's South Grand Soccer Field. Free parking is available.(map)
Live stream:


Tohoku University International PR Section
Tel: +81 22 217 4816

Sendai University Athletic Department 
Tel : +81 22 455 1036

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