TFC Thematic Program 2018: Geologic Stabilization and Human Adaptations in Northeast Asia

The Tohoku Forum for Creativity Thematic Program provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge in international academic collaboration. One of this year's programs aims to bring together the geochemistry, ecology, history and anthropology of Northeast Asia to develop a new methodology of area studies.

TFC invites anyone who is interested to attend workshops held at the House of Creativity on February 21-22.

Workshop 3:
Continental Amalgamation and Stabilization of Northeast Asia: Stories before the Stone Age

This workshop will have a specific focus on lithospheric and crustal evolution and stabilization. But there will also be opportunities to link geological sciences to ecology, archeology and socio-cultural anthropology, as well as to systematize interdisciplinary knowledge on Northeast Asia.

Workshop 4:
Northern Modes of Foraging and Domestication as an Interaction among Humans, Animals, and Geography

Climate change studies have remolded the relationships between the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. This workshop provides participants with a unique opportunity to discuss interdisciplinary findings and mutual interpretations.

Event: TFC Thematic Program - Geologic Stabilization and Human Adaptations in Northeast Asia
Date: February 21 - 22, 2019
On-site registration: February 21, from 10am at TOKYO ELECTRON House of Creativity (Map)
Language: English
Admission: Free


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