Political Discourses on Religion in Contemporary Japan: Beyond the "New"?

Recent developments in Japan's political landscape have rekindled several topics of discussion pertaining to the relationship between religion and politics.

The International Symposium "Political Discourses on Religion in Contemporary Japan: Beyond the 'New'?" will bring together distinguished scholars to dissect some of these topics and consider them from new perspectives.

  • Erica Baffelli (professor, University of Manchester) will introduce the Religious Minorities Online (RMO) project and offer suggestions as to how the concept of "religious minority" may help us reappraise some of the issues we hear today in Japan.
  • Levi McLaughlin (associate professor, North Carolina State University) will show how the evolving dynamics of gender and religion within Japan's ruling coalition reveal yet unexplored dimensions of challenges facing the Japanese government today.
  • Ioannis Gaitanidis (associate professor, Chiba University) will explore the intriguing intersection of money and morality through recent debates surrounding "spiritual sales" as a newly established legal category in Japan.

Responding to these presentations will be Takahashi Norihito (Toyo University) and Wada Moe (Tohoku University). Presided over by Sebastian Maslow, Senior Lecturer at Shirayuri Women's University, this symposium promises an engaging exploration of Japan's contemporary religious and political landscapes, transcending conventional narratives and challenging existing paradigms.

Date: December 22, 2023
Time: 3 - 6 p.m.
Venue: 1F Multipurpose Room, Tohoku University Main Library, Kawauchi Campus (map)

This English language event is open to anyone who is interested. Registration is not required. For more information, please visit the homepage here.



Orion Klautau
Graduate School of International Cultural Studies

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