Tohoku University's 2019-20 Winter Photo Contest - Call for entries

Submissions for Tohoku University's Winter Photo Contest are now being accepted. So send in your best photos for a chance to win!

The contest is held seasonally and winning entries will receive prizes. Two main prizes - the Grand and Website Prizes - will be selected from the seasonal entries and announced on our website. They will be showcased alongside selected favourite pics on Tohoku University's official Instagram account.

The competition is open to everyone, including members of the public.

Winter Photo Contest Rules


Showcase Tohoku University and Miyagi to the world!

Categories to choose from:
  • Category A: Scenes/buildings around campus at Tohoku University
  • Category B: Research/education/club/event related activity at Tohoku University
  • Category C: Nostalgic photos of Miyagi /
    Photos capturing the cross cultural scene in Miyagi


There are no restrictions. Everyone is welcome to take part.

Only one entry per category per person will be accepted (multiple submissions from the same person will be disqualified).

Contest period:

December 18, 2019 - February 29, 2020.

Entries received after midnight will not be accepted.

  • 1st prize - Grand prize - 50,000 yen gift voucher
  • 2nd prize - Website prize - 20,000 yen gift voucher
  • Seasonal prizes - 2,000 yen gift vouchers
  • University staff / faculty or winners living overseas will be given university goods instead of vouchers.

Conditions of Entry

All entrants must agree to the following:

1. Submission format
  • Entrants may submit one photo per category (submissions with collages, graphics, text, or photography credits will not be accepted).
  • All submissions must be original photos taken by the entrant. They must not have been previously displayed elsewhere or entered in another contest.
  • Material that is disrespectful, defamatory or that infringes on the rights of a third party will not be accepted. Likewise, material that is deemed unlawful or related to criminal activity will automatically be disqualified.
  • When people are the subject of a photo, photographic consent must be obtained. In the case of minors, please make sure that parental consent is given.
  • Tohoku University will not be responsible for any disputes that might arise with a third party over a photo. Issues must be resolved by the contest entrant(s).
  • Tohoku University will not use any personal information outside of the contest.
  • All photos must be submitted in digital format only (prints and negatives will not be accepted).
  • Files must be submitted in JPEG format and be above 8 megapixels in quality, up to 10MB in size.
  • Tohoku University will not be responsible for any data damaged during the submission process.

2. How to submit photos

Photos must be submitted by email or via file storage services. Photos sent through the post or delivered in person will not be accepted.

  • Send photos to
  • Subject line: Photo contest submission
  • The email must include:
    (1) Your name
    (2) A pseudonym if you prefer that your real name is not used for photo credit
    (3) Email address (please submit a primary address that you can be reached at ※)
    (4) The Location or where the photo was taken
    (5) Title of the photograph: 15 characters in Japanese or 8 words in English (if there is no title, it will be labelled as "untitled")
    (6) A description of the photo (80 characters in Japanese or 50 words in English)
    (7) Category
    (8) For Tohoku University staff and faculty: if this photo was taken at a work event, please make a note with the photo.
    ※If there is no reply from a selected contestant within two weeks of email correspondence, an alternative prizewinner will be selected.

3. Ownership of images

Entrants retain the rights to their own work. However by entering the contest, they give Tohoku University's Public Relations Section (and those authorized by the PR Section) the right to reproduce, display and publish their photographs, royalty-free. This includes the following:

  • The entrant gives the university authority to reproduce and create derivative works of the entries, in whole or in part, in any media now existing or later developed.
  • Whether an entrant is chosen as a winner or not, their photos may be used for any purpose including, but not limited to, advertising and promotion of Tohoku University and its website, social media and publications.
  • Tohoku University has the authority to decide whether to credit a photo with the entrant's name. Photos may be credited with the entrant's name. Entrants who do not want to use their real name may provide a pseudonym.
  • Photos should be submitted with titles in either Japanese or English, or both. When a title is submitted in one language only, Tohoku University's PR Section will provide a translation.

4. Announcement of results
  • Results will be sent to all winners and announced on the Tohoku University's Website.
  • Winning entries for the seasonal contests will be announced via Tohoku University's website following each contest. Winners of the Grand prize and Website prize will be selected from all entries for the year and announced at Tohoku University's Homecoming Day 2020 in September.
  • If there is no reply from a selected contestant within two weeks of email correspondence, an alternate prizewinner will be selected.
  • All decisions regarding the winners will be final and binding.
  • Winners living overseas will receive Tohoku University goods instead of a voucher.

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