President of Fujian Medical University Visits Tohoku University

On May 20, President Chen Xiaochun of Fujian Medical University visited Tohoku University and met with Executive Vice President Toshiya Ueki. This was President Chen's first visit to a partner university abroad since he took office in September last year.

The School of Stomatology at Fujian Medical University and the Graduate School of Dentistry at Tohoku University signed a department-level academic exchange agreement in 2013, which has since led to numerous exchanges between students and researchers.

During this recent meeting, President Chen and EVP Ueki discussed their desire for a university-level exchange agreement that would include education and research collaborations in a host of other fields.

Fujian Medical University is a comprehensive university with a School of Humanities. Any exchanges would therefore not be limited to the medical field. Interdisciplinary exchanges and joint research activities can also be expected in areas related to engineering and the humanities and social sciences. For example, fields such as clinical psychology and AI medical care.

Following the meeting, President Chen visited the Tohoku University Archives and the Lu Xun Lecture Hall. He also visited the Graduate School of Medicine, the Graduate School of Dentistry and Tohoku University Hospital.

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