KIST- Tohoku University Joint Symposium held in Seoul

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology hosted the KISTx Tohoku University Joint Symposium on its campus in Seoul on November 21, 2017.

The two organizations have had a long history of cooperation, culminating in a university-level academic exchange agreement signed last year. The new partnership was marked with a joint seminar between Tohoku University's Institute for Materials Research and KIST in Sendai.

The recent symposium in Seoul is part of that exchange, and this time, included researchers from Tohoku University's Graduate School of Medicine, as well as the Institute for Materials Research.

Two sessions, titled "Advanced Materials and Devices" and " Biomolecular Signatures in Health Care," were held, leading to lively discussions and an exchange of ideas.

Before leaving Seoul the next day, the group from Tohoku University had a tour of the campus and visited several laboratories where they had a first-hand look at some of the research currently being done at KIST.


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