2020 Tohoku University-Tsinghua University Collaborative Research Fund Supported Projects

Tohoku University and Tsinghua University will support four joint research projects through a collaborative fund. The fund was established based on an agreement between Tohoku University and Tsinghua University to promote and encourage joint research. The first round call was made in January 2019.

This is the second round call, to which there were six applications. Following a joint review carried out by the two universities, four projects have been selected. The projects, which will be supported for two academic years beginning in April 2020, are expected to further develop joint research between the two universities.

FieldTohoku University PITsinghua University PIProject

Materials Science

Prof. FURUHARA Tadashi
(Institute for Materials Research)

Assoc. Prof. CHEN Hao
(School of Materials Science and Engineering)

Design of Advanced High Strength Steels via Tuning Interface Migration and Element Partitioning
Materials Science

Prof. MIURA Hideo
(Graduate School of Engineering)

Assoc. Prof. FU Wangyang
(School of Materials Science and Engineering)

Strain-Controlled Graphene-Nanoribbon-Base Biochemical Sensors

Disaster Science

Prof. TANAKA Hitoshi (School of Engineering)

Prof. YU Xiping
(Dept. of Hydraulic Engineering)

Dynamic response of coastal and estuarine morphology to disastrous flows

Interdisciplinary Research

(Education, AI, Development Studies, Arts and Design, Environmental Studies)

Assoc. Prof. LIU Jing
(Graduate School of Education)

Assoc. Prof. ZHONG Zhou
(Institute of Education)

Promote Sustainability through Innovating University Teaching and Learning in East Asia

(Affiliations were those at the time of application)


Global Engagement Division

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