A visit by the Associate Vice-President, International of the University of Waterloo

On October 16, Professor Ian Rowlands, Associate Vice-President, International at the University of Waterloo, visited Tohoku University. During his visit, he met with Vice President Masahiro Yamaguchi and called into the Startup Incubation Center.

Vice President Yamaguchi pointed out that since the conclusion of an academic exchange agreement between the two universities in 2006, exchanges have taken place mostly through short-term student exchange programs. He also introduced the support being given to startup creation and some of the research projects being carried out at the university.

Professor Rowlands introduced a number of the University of Waterloo's initiatives, such as its 'Co-op program' and 'Velocity.' The 'Co-op program,' he noted, combines university education and internships whilst 'Velocity' is the University of Waterloo's startup program that aims to create fertile grounds for entrepreneurs.

He also stressed the University of Waterloo's strengths in materials science and semiconductors, and added that he would like to see a strengthening of collaboration in both research and education in these fields.

Professor Rowlands then visited the Institute of Engineering Education's Entrepreneurship Education Department and Aobayama Garage, where he exchanged views on the efforts and challenges in creating university-launched startups at Tohoku University.

It is hoped that this visit will serve as a basis for boosting collaboration in research and education between the two universities.


General Affairs and Planning Department, Global Engagement Division

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