Breakfast for 100yen this Autumn

From October 16 - November 10, Tohoku University, in partnership with Co-op, will again be offering students breakfast for 100 yen.

This four-week event will feature dishes made with nutritious ingredients such as Sangen pork from Gunma prefecture. For 100 yen, students can choose a cooked breakfast from two daily set-menu options at Kawauchi no Mori Dining, or take away a bento.

Curry rice and ochazuke will also be available for 100 yen at Kitchen Terrace Couleur.

Dates: October 16 - November 10, 2023 (excluding weekends and holidays)
Time: 7:50 - 8:50 a.m.
Place: Kawauchi Kita Campus, Kawauchi no Mori Dining and Kitchen Terrace Couleur
Price: 100 yen
A meal card or student ID is required.

Menu (pdf)

・Kawauchi no Mori Dining:
 Two different types of pork dishes with nutritious ingredients will be offered daily

・Kitchen Terrace Couleur:
 Curry rice, ochazuke, Frugra set and assorted soup or rice bowls

A little something extra...

・Oct 23 - 30: at Kawauchi no Mori Dining, first 500 set meals each day will include a 50g bag of Frugra by Calbee.

・Oct 31 - Nov 7: first 600 people at Kawauchi no Mori Dining and Kitchen Terrace Couleur will receive a bottle of Tokucha (tea) by Suntory.

This round of 100 yen breakfast is once again sponsored by the Tanaka Memorial Foundation through the Tohoku University Fund.

The Sangen pork is donated by Hayashi Farm Co. Ltd. and Gunma Meat Co. Ltd., whose presidents are Tohoku University alumni. This time, there is also the addition of Frugra donated by Calbee and Tokucha by Suntory.

This 100 yen breakfast series, which aims to "fill the hearts and stomachs of students," originally began in spring 2021. It is part of the Tohoku University Alumni Association's on-going "Support Student Life!" campaign , to help students who might be impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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