Distinguished Professor 2020 - Masayuki Yamamoto

A review committee has reappointed Masayuki Yamamoto to a rare second term as a Tohoku University Distinguished Professor.

Yamamoto, who is the executive director of the Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization (ToMMo), first received the title in April 2015.

In recognition of his work at ToMMo and contributions to the Division of Medical Biochemistry at the Graduate School of Medicine, the department head and select committee decided that Yamamoto should remain a Distinguished Professor until 2025.

The Tohoku University Distinguished Professor System is a five-year programme that supports professorial staff who have made a sustained contribution towards educational excellence. The activities of Distinguished Professors are expected to serve as an inspiration to students and teaching staff.

Masataka Nakazawa (Research Institutes of Electrical Communication)
Masayuki Yamamoto
(Graduate School of Medicine)

Area of Research: Medical Biochemistry



Human Resources

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