Tohoku University Emergency Support Package: Student Peer Support System 2021

With the number of COVID-19 cases in Miyagi prefecture on the rise again, Tohoku University is reminding students to practice social distancing and good hygiene, limit contact and travel, and refrain from taking on part-time work that puts them at risk of infection.

Aware that these restrictions can be quite unsettling for new students, the university is once again offering a system of peer support, in the form of school-life advice and mentorship from current and senior students.

It is hoped that this Peer Support System - which is an aspect of the university's Emergency Support Package - will help mitigate some of the anxieties caused by these uncertain times.

For current students who wish to be peer supporters, here is how to apply:

(1) Eligibility:

The system is targeted at 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students because experience is important. Second-year undergraduates and graduate students are also eligible to apply at their department's discretion.

(2) Support Duties:

Peer supporters will provide online assistance and advice on matters regarding student life.

(3) Payment:

• For Individuals: JPY 40,000/person (JPY 20,000/month x 2 months)
• For Groups: (up to) JPY 100,000 /group

(4) How to Apply:

• For individual applicants, please refer to your department's website
• For groups, please use this application form

(5) Application deadline:

Deadlines will be set by each department (expected to be roughly in mid-April).


Tohoku University Education and Student Support Division

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