Global Hagi Scholarship Award Ceremony, Winter 2021

Seven students received the prestigious Global Hagi Scholarship for 2021, as they each prepare to study abroad at Tohoku University's partner institutions. This marks the first time since the pandemic began that the scholarship has been awarded.

At the ceremony - held on December 20 at Katahira campus - university president Hideo Ohno congratulated the recipients and encouraged them to make the most of their experience abroad.

"Over the past year, in spite of the pandemic, we were able to hold limited exchange programmes online. So students were able to study abroad while still in Japan," he said. "However, breathing the air in a different country, interacting directly with local teachers and students in everyday life, and studying together with people from all over the world will be an invaluable experience."

President Ohno added that while being in an unfamiliar environment might be challenging, "the personal growth and global mindset that you will gain, will serve you well for the rest of your life."

Kazuki Nemoto, a third-year student at the Faculty of Economics, gave a speech on behalf of the recipients, and shared his goals for his year abroad at the University of California, Berkeley.

He said he wanted to improve his expertise in economics, develop his entrepreneurial skills, and build a foundation for international activities.

"We live in a society where sustainable development goals are necessary, and where essential change and transformation can only come from doing things differently from what previous generations had envisaged," he said.

"I would like to learn as much as I can from my study abroad experience and return to Japan with the ability to effect change and innovation beyond conventional ideas and interests; and to represent and lead my generation into the future."

Following the ceremony, there was an informal talk session where the students had the opportunity to get more personal advice and encouragement from President Ohno and other professors.

The Global Hagi Scholarship is supported by the Tohoku University Fund and awarded to students with excellent academic records, who are also deemed to be good ambassadors for the university.


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