Global Hagi Scholarship Award Ceremony, Winter 2023

Ten more students have been awarded the prestigious Global Hagi Scholarship for 2023, as they each prepare to study abroad at Tohoku University's partner institutions.

At the ceremony - held on December 12 at Katahira campus - university president Hideo Ohno congratulated the recipients and encouraged them to make the most of their experience abroad. The key to solving many of the world's current problems, he said, is in "having the ability to communicate with people of different cultures and values to deepen mutual understanding."

He added that while being in an unfamiliar environment might be challenging, "the personal growth and global mindset that you will gain, will serve you well for the rest of your life."

Sota Takano, a second-year student at the Faculty of Economics, gave a speech on behalf of the recipients. He spoke of his life-long interest in learning English and communicating with people from other countries. "I have only been abroad once before, and it was for a very short time, but that one experience showed me so much about the world," he said. "I decided then that I definitely wanted to study abroad when I get the chance."

Takano then shared his goals for his year abroad at the National University of Singapore, which includes learning about the Asian economy, developing skills in data analytics and expanding his network. "This study abroad is a crucial chance to make friends with people from all over the world. The more global my network becomes, the more information I can obtain to work globally." He added that through this experience abroad he hopes to "acquire not only English language skills but also global standards, ways of thinking and values."

The Global Hagi Scholarship is supported by the Tohoku University Fund and awarded twice a year to students with excellent academic records, who are also deemed to be good ambassadors for the university.


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