Tohoku University "Meets the Standards Required" to be Accredited as a University for International Research Excellence

The Japanese government announced today that Tohoku University has met the requirements to be accredited as a University for International Research Excellence.

Speaking to media this morning, Japan's Minister for Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Masahito Moriyama said that the ministry's Advisory Board had reviewed Tohoku University's Research System Strengthening Plan and concluded that "the concept meets the standards required for accreditation."

Tohoku University had made a series of organisational adjustments to its Research System Strengthening Plan following its selection last August as the sole candidate on the Advisory Board's shortlist.

"Once Tohoku University establishes its governance structure as required by the Amendments to the National University Corporation Act, MEXT will decide final accreditation and certification," Moriyama added. This is expected to happen on or after October 1, when Japan's new parliamentary legislations next take effect.

"We are very happy with the announcement today that our organisational plans meet the required standards for us to be accredited as a University for International Research Excellence," said Tohoku University President Teiji Tominaga at a separate media conference in Sendai.

"We will now work towards transforming our vision for Tohoku University's future into tangible actions. This vision includes further raising our high standards of research, education and social outreach, and establishing ourselves on the global stage as a research university that can take the next generation of Japanese innovation to new heights."

MEXT initiated the Universities for International Research Excellence programme in 2023 to boost the research capabilities of Japanese universities. Successful applicants are expected to have access to the revenue from a 10 trillion JPY fund managed by the government, for enhanced education and research activities.

MEXT initially accepted applications from 10 universities. Its Advisory Board then selected three, including Tohoku University, for an on-site visit and examination in July 2023. Tohoku University was subsequently selected as the only applicant to proceed to the next phase.

Details of Tohoku University's Research System Strengthening Plan can be found here.


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