Message From President Hideo Ohno - October 1, 2021

Dear students, faculty and staff,

Welcome back to campus! As we begin a new semester, I am pleased to announce that Tohoku University's BCP - our Emergency Action Plan for COVID-19 - has been lowered to level 1 for the first time since June 2020.

This positive trend is a reflection of the university's high vaccination rate and effective safety measures. It is also in line with the government's decision to lift the state of emergency for 19 prefectures and the priority prevention measures for eight prefectures, including Miyagi, on September 30.

Level 1 still includes some restrictions, but life on campus will look a little more familiar as we return to in-person classes and more in-person events.

Club and extracurricular activities will be at Phase 4, which means all indoor and outdoor facilities can be used by registered student groups under the established safety guidelines. But note that if you wish to participate in competitions, or events outside Miyagi prefecture, you will still need to submit an activity plan in advance and wait for approval.

Staff can have more in-person meetings, but please ensure that there is physical distancing and good ventilation in the rooms. Online meetings are still preferable if they are expected to run long.

Although all this is good reason for optimism, the pandemic is not over. And as we open ourselves up to more in-person interaction, preventing the spread of infection must remain the highest priority.

So regardless of whether you have been vaccinated or not, we ask that you continue to take basic infection control measures seriously. These include washing your hands and wearing a mask, making sure that your rooms are thoroughly ventilated, and avoiding crowds and close contact. Be aware of your own health.

Remember that fewer official restrictions from us means greater responsibility on you as individuals. The danger isn't over, so please continue to behave responsibly, do the right things and look out for one another.

Hideo Ohno
President, Tohoku University


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