Message from EVP Hirotsugu Takizawa: Welcome Back

As we begin the second semester of this academic year, we would like to welcome students back to campus. Online classes will transition into in-person lessons, but with strict new measures enforced to keep everyone safe.

Students should take note of the following new guidelines:

  • A mask must be worn at all times on campus. This includes the commute to and from home. Students taking classes with physical activity or sports will be given special instructions.
  • There will be a QR code posted in each lecture room. Students must scan the code and sign in and out, so that their movements are recorded for tracing purposes.
  • Students should take their body temperature before leaving home every morning to make sure that they don't have a fever. They may be required to write down their temperature or take it again before entering certain lecture rooms.
  • Alcohol solution will be placed at the entrance of each room for students to disinfect their hands before entering. Equipment that is shared, must also be disinfected before and after use.
  • The windows of all lecture rooms will be opened to increase ventilation. Please be aware that the rooms might get cold as the weather changes.
  • Away from class, students must continue to practice social distancing. Hanging out and having conversations in poorly ventilated areas, especially in large groups, is strictly prohibited.
  • At meal times, students should keep conversation to a minimum. The cafeteria will limit the number of people allowed to eat inside, but lecture rooms will be kept open during lunchtime so that students can eat there while social distancing.

All across Japan, infection among university students has rarely been due to classes. Most cases are caused by travel, extracurricular activities or ill-advised social gatherings. We remind students to behave responsibly and with extra vigilance, so that we can keep our campus open and safe for everyone.


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