Tohoku University's New Research Professors 2020

Shigeru Obayashi and Shigetoshi Sugawa have been conferred the title of Tohoku University Research Professor.

They were nominated by their department heads and then chosen by a select committee as experts in their fields of study. The title took effect from October 1, 2020.

Professor Shigeru Obayashi
Professor Shigeru Obayashi
Institute of Fluid Science.

Research field: Aerospace Fluid Engineering

Professor Shigetoshi Sugawa
Professor Shigetoshi Sugawa
Graduate School of Engineering, NICHe

Research field: Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Engineering

The Research Professor System is a programme that supports professorial staff who have made a sustained contribution towards academic excellence. To qualify, candidates must have made significant progress in their research, received a certain amount of funding and/or played a central role in supporting a specific project.

The activities of research professors are expected to inspire other teaching staff and students in a way that would promote research at the university and contribute to the development and improvement of society.

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