Tohoku University Public Relations Department Mascot Design Contest

This year marks the 115th anniversary of Tohoku University's founding and its 100th year as a comprehensive university. To celebrate, the Public Relations Department is looking to adopt a mascot to help promote the university's news and events.

All students, faculty and staff are invited to submit ideas and designs for an original character that best reflects the image, characteristics and values of Tohoku University.

To submit an entry, please read the guidelines carefully.

All entries must include:

  • Full-colour design of the front and back of the character / mascot
  • A name for the character with a brief explanation
  • A simple profile of the character (mini-biography, hobbies etc.)
  • Other useful information about the character that would make it more relatable
How to enter:
  • Contest designs must be submitted through this online form below, using your Tohoku University account to log in:
  • Submission period: August 1 - September 15, 2022
  • Grand prize: An Amazon gift card worth 30,000 yen

Entries will be reviewed by judges on the contest committee after September 15 and a shortlist will be made. All members of the university will then be able to vote for their favourite mascot design on the shortlist.

There will also be a ballot box at Homecoming Day for alumni and special guests to participate in the voting. The eventual winner will be announced after November 2022.

The winning mascot will be introduced online and adopted as a member of the university's PR team. It will be used in promotional materials on various platforms such as university websites, posters, newsletters, publications and social media.

Contest Rules:

  • All entries must be original works designed specifically for this contest. Entries must not have been previously published in Japan or abroad.
  • Submissions that violate public order and morals or legal regulations, are slanderous or defamatory, or infringe on the copyrights or rights of third parties, will be disqualified.
  • In an event that Tohoku University suffers any damages as a result of the violation of these conditions, the university will claim damages from the applicant.
  • All copyrights, including those which are applicable under Article 27 and Article 28 of the Copyright Act in Japan, belong to Tohoku University.
  • Tohoku University assumes no responsibility for the failed delivery of entries, damage to entries before they arrive, or damage to electronic data.
  • Some of the designs, colours, sizes, etc. may be changed after consultation with the designer.
  • The personal information of the entrants will be used only for the purpose of judging the entries, announcing the winner and awarding the prize.

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