Results of the 2021 Tohoku University Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Tohoku University Photo Contest. The winning entries can be seen below.

Grand Prize (50,000 yen gift voucher)

Title: Dyed in Autumn Colours / 秋色に染まる
Name: Jun Ito
Location: Aobayama Campus

Website Prize (20,000 yen gift voucher)

Title: Music is the Healing Force of the Universe
Name: Shadi Al Mesitef
Location: Kawauchi Campus

Honourable mentions in the three categories - as shown below - will each receive a 2,000 yen gift voucher.

Category A:
The New Normal and Life at Tohoku University

Title: Yellow is Protecting the Passionate Blue / 情熱的な青を守っている黄色
Pseudonym: Aobayama shutterbug
Location: Kawauchi Campus

Category B:
Tohoku University Views

Title: Autumn Foliage in Aobayama Campus
Name: Vempi Satriya Adi Hendrawan
Location: Aobayama Campus

Title: Library Surrounded by Beautiful Trees / 美しい木々に囲まれた図書館
Name: Kazuko Harima
Location: Kawauchi Campus

Title: Light Shines / 光射す
Name: Masato Kaneko
Location: The Westin Hotel, 37th floor

Category C:
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) / Going Green

Title: Going to Green Campus
Pseudonym: Soshin
Location: Intersection of Kawauchi North and South Campuses

Title: The City of Trees
Name: Jincheng Sun
Location: Atago Shrine

All winners will be contacted soon.
Thank you to everyone who took part!


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