Resumption of Some Extracurricular Activities

As the university continues to re-open selected facilities on campus, some extracurricular activities will soon be allowed to resume in phases and under strict conditions.

In phase 1, which begins on July 10, individual students can practice their sport or activities at outdoor facilities.

Students can request the use of Kawauchi Ground, Kawauchi Baseball Field or Hyojogawara Athletic Field, by using one of the forms below with a Tohoku University Google account.


The facilities can be booked 2 days in advance, and forms must be submitted by 3 pm the day before. If the facilities are overbooked, users will be decided by lottery.

Outdoor facilities booking forms

Kawauchi Ground

Kawauchi Baseball Field

Hyojogawara Athletic Field

The university will monitor the safety conditions during phase 1 and decide when it would be appropriate to move to phase 2, which will allow small groups to practice outdoors. There will be four phases in total, although the university might make changes to the plan if necessary. Student groups should check regularly for updates.

All clubs and student groups must comply with the "Tohoku University Extracurricular Activities Guidelines." (pdf)

Students are also strongly urged to be aware of the recommended safety measures and take them seriously. (pdf)

If the BCP level is raised to 2 or higher, all extracurricular activities will automatically be suspended again.

For more information and details, please contact the Activity Support Section of the Education and Student Support Department.

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Activity Support Section, Student Support Division
Education and Student Support Department

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