Resumption of Volunteer Activities

The resumption of extracurricular activities was completed with the move to Phase 4 on November 2. Attention now is turning to volunteer activities which had also been suspended earlier in the year as a precaution against the spread of the coronavirus.

The university recognizes that the on-going pandemic has led to an increase in cases of social isolation, deterioration of mental and physical health in the community, as well as delays in recovery efforts in disaster-affected areas.

In response to the rising need for volunteers, and many students' interest in returning to such activities, the university has issued some new guidelines.

Groups organizing volunteer activities must adhere to the safety recommendations of the university, the local government and the public facilities. Basic measures such as wearing a mask, practicing good hygiene and social distancing should be strictly enforced at all times.

Other key points include:

- Outdoor activities are preferred as they present a lower risk of infection than indoor activities.
- Participants should check the infection rate of the area the activity is in.
- Activities that require staying overnight are discouraged.
- If the activity requires group travel, use charted buses with a reduced number of passengers to allow for social distancing.
- High risk activities such as karaoke and conversations in close quarters are prohibited.
- Be aware that some people - such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions - are vulnerable to infection, so activities should be stopped if anyone involved is unwell.

In addition, students are also encouraged to explore alternative methods of contributing, such as doing volunteer work online, where they can make a difference without the risk of in-person contact.

Anyone who wishes to engage in volunteer activities should read the full and detailed guidelines here, and contact the Center for Service Learning and Extracurricular Activities (CSLEA) if they have questions or concerns.


Tohoku University
Center for Service Learning and Extracurricular Activities (CSLEA)

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