Message from EVP (Education and Student Support) Hirotsugu Takizawa

While the Japanese government has extended the national state of emergency to May 31, it has recently suggested that, depending on local conditions, the emergency may be lifted sooner in some prefectures.

Tohoku University will take our cue from the government. As long as Miyagi remains in a state of emergency, the university will continue at level 4 of our Emergency Action Plan (BCP). When the state of emergency is lifted, we will move back down to level 3.

In the meantime, here are a few changes to our infection prevention measures:


- Research activities will be carried out under strict controls and tightened administrative procedures. Guidelines will be decided on by the respective departments.
- Research activities that do not require in-person or laboratory work shall continue to be done remotely from home.


- All classes will only be conducted online which students should access from home.
- We are exploring the possibility of opening classrooms for students who don't have adequate internet access at home to use campus Wi-Fi. We are currently making preparations and will announce further details when we are certain that the rooms can be used safely.


- Students are strongly urged to refrain from taking on part-time employment that requires close contact with many people, or working in poorly ventilated places.
- Please stay home and avoid non-essential outings. Do not make trips, such as returning to your hometown or your parents' home.
- Extracurricular activities are still prohibited.
- Do not plan social gatherings such as meals or drinking parties. It is imperative that every student practices social distancing.

Let's continue to work together to keep ourselves, our friends and family, and our community safe.

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