Tohoku University Sparrow Dance Team Performed at 2018 Sendai Aoba Matsuri

For the fourth consecutive year, the Tohoku University Sparrow Dance Team (TUSPA) participated in the Sendai Aoba Matsuri. The annual event, held this year on May 19 and 20, is one of the largest street festivals in the Tohoku region.

The TUSPA members - comprising some 40 international and local students - danced in purple "happi" coats adorned with the university's bush clover logo. They gave a spirited performance on stage at Shimin Plaza, and also paraded down Jozenjidori to the warm applause and cheers of the crowd.

For the grand finale, they danced together with other Suzume Odori teams, blending in seamlessly with the more experienced, local groups.

"It was a really successful weekend," said Senior Assistant Professor Kaori Shimasaki. "The students had a great time and we want to thank all the family, friends and festival goers who supported us."


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