The Taste of Autumn at Campus Cafeterias

Autumn is Imonikai season - a time for camping, nature and massive pots of stew, cooked with sweet potatoes and yams.


To celebrate the season, Tohoku University members can enjoy "aburafudon" and Sendai-style "imoni" at selected campus cafeterias every day this week.

This event is supported by the Tohoku University Fund, with ingredients for the meals donated by Yamagataya Shoten Co., Ltd. and the Kanto chapter of the Tohoku University Alumni Association.

Dates: October 25 - 29, 2021
Time: 12 noon - 1 p.m.
Price: 297 yen with a university meal card or student ID. (Regular price: 550 yen)

Available at the following cafeterias:

• Kitchen Terrace Couleur (Kawauchi Campus)
• Bunkei / Humanities Cafeteria (Kawauchi Campus)
• Aoba Dining (Aobayama Campus)
• Riyaku / Science and Pharmaceutical Science Department Cafeteria (Aobayama Campus)
• Midori Dining (Aobayama Campus New Extension)
• Sakura Kitchen (Katahira Campus)
• Seiryo Cafeteria (Seiryo Campus)

Aburafu is a traditional food from northern Miyagi prefecture, made from gluten and fried. While Sendai-style imoni is a stew with sweet potatoes/yams, pork and miso.

"Our "Sendai fu" is a local specialty and has been enjoyed for many years," said Hideyuki Yamagata, president of Yamagata-ya Shoten Co. Ltd. "We hope the students will keep the taste as a memory of their time in Sendai."

"When we were students, we used to get together with our friends and members of our labs and clubs for imonikai," said Mikio Ostuki, president of the Kanto chapter of the Alumni Association. "Nowadays, because of the coronavirus, students are unable to enjoy socializing with their friends. So we thought it would be a good idea to help warm up their bodies and minds with delicious imoni."

Only a limited number of set meals will be sold each day, and a meal card or student ID is required to get the discounted price of 297 yen.

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