Tohoku University Adopts Plastics Smart

With oceans being clogged with plastic waste, the world - and indeed Japan - is taking steps to battle human beings' insatiable appetite for plastic. Accordingly, Tohoku University has adopted the Japanese government's "Plastics Smarts" campaign.

The campaign seeks to cultivate understanding amongst staff and students regarding the need to tackle this pressing issue. Furthermore, the campaign will work towards fostering cooperation with campus businesses to reduce plastic waste.

As of April 19, 2019, Tohoku University has put into place numerous measures to reduce littering and single use plastic. The university will:

  1. Encourage staff and students to bring their own mugs.
  2. Encourage staff and students to bring their own shopping bags.
  3. Stop the serving of bottled drinks at meetings.
  4. Encourage on-campus shops to reduce single use plastic products.
  5. Ensure recycling boxes for plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, as well as paper are set up across the University.

Tohoku University's very own mug

Recycling boxes

Tohoku University is actively promoting the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The University hopes to further the well-being of society via promoting research and technological advancements that contribute in the fight to create a sustainable future.

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