Tohoku University Entrance Ceremony, Spring 2024

Tohoku University held its Spring 2024 Entrance Ceremony today at Xebio Arena Sendai. The ceremony was divided into two parts - one for the 2,540 first-year undergraduates, and one for the 2,503 new graduate students.

President Teiji Tominaga, giving his first major speech to students since taking office on April 1, congratulated the new students and their families. "I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you, your parents and all those who have supported and encouraged you, and who have looked forward to this day with you."

He then spoke on the importance of an identity that comes with understanding the history and traditions of the university. "I believe that when a university is a source of pride, its members will use that pride as a driving force to learn, and to do good research for the future."

He highlighted over a century of academic, research and sporting achievements at Tohoku University, including its current position as the only candidate to be a "University for International Research Excellence." He then expressed hope that the new students will continue the university's legacy of academic excellence, innovation and inclusion while enjoying student life to the fullest.

Yuka Suzuki, from the Faculty of Economics, gave a speech on behalf of the new undergraduate class. She spoke of being inspired by the university's commitment to research that can be applied towards improving society.

"I want to be a researcher who will build an economic and social system that will enable Japan to achieve sustainable prosperity in the face of declining birthrates," she said. "Globally, there have also been many social problems recently, such as political conflicts, disparities, poverty and global warming. We need to rethink our assumptions and come up with completely new ideas if we hope to solve them."

In his speech on behalf of the new graduate students, Yusuke Kobayashi from the Graduate School of Environmental Studies expressed excitement for the new adventure ahead.

"The history of research is the history of mankind's desire for knowledge and exploration. And even today, there are still many things in the world that are not yet fully understood," he said. "In order to be a good researcher, it is essential to always be ambitious and to be willing to learn with a positive attitude. At Tohoku University, I hope to accumulate knowledge and experience, and grow into a person who can contribute positively to society."

He ended his speech by thanking the people who have "made it possible for us to be here."

The ceremony ended with the singing of the school song "Aoba Moruyu Kono Michinoku," and a performance by the university's "Oendan" cheer squad.

Afterwards, the students gathered with friends and family for pictures. The PR Department mascot Kenichi was also on hand to share the special day.

Welcome to the Tohoku University family!


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