Updated Safety Measures at Tohoku University Hospital (Spring 2023)

Since May 8, COVID-19 has been reclassified by the Japanese government as an infectious disease on par with seasonal influenza. But as COVID-19 still poses a threat to the vulnerable - such as the elderly, those who are ill or who have underlying medical conditions - Tohoku University Hospital will continue to implement the following infection prevention measures.

Please be aware of the changes before your next visit.

For All Visitors:

  • Since there are many patients with a high risk of severe illness at the hospital, all visitors should continue taking basic infection prevention measures while on the premises. These include taking your temperature, washing and disinfecting your hands, and maintaining physical distance from others.
  • Although the national policy leaves the wearing of masks to the discretion of each individual, we ask that all visitors continue to wear a mask while at the hospital due to the large number of patients who are vulnerable to infection.
  • All visitors to the hospital, including chaperones, will be asked to fill in a medical questionnaire about the new coronavirus.

For Inpatients:

  • Visiting hours will be restricted to weekdays 3 - 5 p.m.
  • Each patient can have up to two visitors per day for a maximum of 15 minutes.

For Outpatients:

  • Where possible, please visit the hospital during non-peak hours to avoid overcrowding at the outpatient clinic.
  • Patients with non-urgent ailments who can come to the hospital during non-peak hours might be asked to do so, to help alleviate crowding during peak hours.
  • Patients who only need a prescription or those who can receive treatment by telephone might be asked to return at a less crowded time.

For more information about these updated guidelines, please visit:

Tohoku University Hospital is aware of the inconvenience that these new measures might cause and asks for your understanding and cooperation.


Tohoku University Hospital Public Relations Department
Tel: +81-22-795-7820

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