Winners of Tohoku University's 2019-20 Autumn / Winter Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winners of Tohoku University's 2019/20 Autumn / Winter Photo Contest!

The winning entries for each category can be seen below.
Each winner will receive a voucher worth 2,000 yen.

Category A:
Scenes / Buildings Around Campus

Name: Ming-Che Hsieh
Title: Snow in Seiryo
Location: Seiryo campus

Name: Sarkar Himadri
Title: Amazing Night View of the Snow-covered Sakura Tree
Location: Katahira campus

Name: Masato Kaneko
Title: Old Days Gone by
Location: Katahira campus

Name: Kanza Ali Manzar
Title: Evening
Location: Aobayama campus

Category B:
Research / Education / Club Activities/ Event Related Activity at Tohoku University

Name: Nimar Blume
Title: Pristine Mountain Air
Location: Fukushima, Japan

Name: B.J.
Title: ECEI/RIEC Ekiden
Location: Aobayama campus

Name: Toru Sugita
Title: A Night Plasma Illuminates
Location: Sweden

Category C:
Nostalgic photos of Miyagi /
Photos capturing the cross cultural scene in Miyagi

Name: Masato Kaneko
Title: All Those Years Ago
Location: Sendai

Name: Nguyen Quoc Hung
Title: Back in the Old Days
Location: Kawasaki-machi, Miyagi

Name: Toru Sugita
Title: Rising Sun in the Sky
Location: Mt. Zao, Miyagi

Name: Ming-Che Hsieh
Title: Snow in Matsushima
Location: Matsushima, Miyagi

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