Visit from the Attaché for Science and Technology at the Embassy of France in Japan

On September 5, the newly appointed Attaché for Science and Technology at the Embassy of France in Japan, Sandrine Maximilien, visited Tohoku University and called on President Hideo Ohno.

Tohoku University has long enjoyed a close relationship with institutions in France, especially the University of Lyon, with whom it operates ElyTMaX, a joint laboratory dedicated to materials science and engineering research.

Executive Vice President Tadahiro Hayasaka, Professor Tetsuya Uchimoto (Institute of Fluid Science) and Professor Gael Sebald (INSA Lyon) gave Dr. Maximilien an overview of the work currently being done at ElyTMaX. They also explained the plans for the new Institute of Fluid Science Lyon Center, another collaborative project scheduled to open in Lyon this autumn.

Underscoring the importance Tohoku University places on industry-academia-government collaborations, President Ohno added that a next-generation synchrotron radiation facility will be installed at Aobayama Campus' new extension in a few years.

Dr. Maximilien said she was impressed by what she'd learnt on the visit, and expressed hope that Tohoku University will continue to engage in exchanges and high level collaborative research with its partners in France.

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