A Visit from the President of Dalian University of Technology

On April 18, President Dongming Guo of Dalian University of Technology, led a six-member group on a visit to Tohoku University, beginning with a meeting with President Hideo Ohno.

President Ohno welcomed the group, and discussed with President Guo the wide number of exchanges which have been carried out between the two universities since the conclusion of an academic exchange agreement in 2007. President Ohno said that he would like to see the continuation of such exchanges, which in the past have included the co-authorship of papers and the establishment of a joint laboratory, as well as the exchange of students and researchers.

President Guo congratulated President Ohno on his recent appointment, and expressed his intention to invite him to a commemorative ceremony in 2019 that would mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of Dalian University of Technology.

President Guo told President Ohno that since the 1980s some lectures at Dalian University of Technology have been delivered in Japanese as part of an effort to increase the number of students who can communicate and conduct research in Japanese. The university recently decided to widen the program by accepting Japanese undergraduate students, and President Guo suggested that Tohoku University may wish to use the program as a basis for student exchange. Discussions will take place at both universities about this new opportunity.

After the meeting, the group visited three research facilities, beginning with the Institute for Materials Research (IMR), where Director Koki Takanashi introduced the history of the institute and provided an outline of the research being done there. Professor Hidemi Kato then gave the group a tour of the facilities.

At the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, the group met for discussions with Dean Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa, before wrapping up their campus visit with a call on Professor Wei Gao at the Department of Fine Mechanics within the Graduate School of Engineering.


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