Visit from Hefei University of Technology

On March 29, six representatives from China's Hefei University of Technology visited Tohoku University.

The group was led by the director of their University Council, Professor Yuan Zihuang, and they met with Associate Executive Vice President Masahiro Yamaguchi to discuss the possibility of academic exchanges.


Hefei University of Technology and Tohoku University do not yet have an exchange agreement in place, so AEVP Yamaguchi provided his guests with a brief introduction and pointed out that approximately half of the overseas students on campus are Chinese. In fact, Professor Yuan himself was a visiting researcher of education studies at Tohoku University about 30 years ago. He said he was delighted to be back in Sendai again.

After the meeting, the group visited the former classroom of famed Chinese writer Lu Xun, which Professor Yuan found especially nostalgic, having seen the classroom back when he was a visiting researcher.

They also stopped by the Tohoku University Archives where Associate Professor Satoshi Kato provided details of the long, shared history the university has had with China.


The delegation was then introduced to the work being done at the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials (IMRAM) and the Institute for Materials Research (IMR).

Director Atsushi Muramatsu gave a brief explanation of IMRAM's research and the group was brought to see the advanced Central Analytical Facility (Tagen CAF). They then visited the Material Solutions Center (MaSC), which is involved in cutting-edge industry-academic collaborative activities.


At IMR, Deputy Director Takahiko Sasaki provided an overview of the institute and guided the group on a tour of the Honda Memorial Hall's Exhibition Room. Professor Takashi Matsuoka then introduced the latest high-tech equipment at his laboratory.

Later that day, Hefei University of Technology held a lively information session for students and young researchers at the IMR Auditorium, reinforcing the hope that this visit will mark the start of closer ties and academic exchanges between the two universities.


Hefei University of Technology :

A key national university specializing in mechanical engineering and materials science, under the direct control of China's Ministry of Education. It has about 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Hefei City is the capital of Anhui Province, located in the same Eastern China region as Shanghai. In recent years, it has become known as one of the fastest growing cities in China.

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