A Visit from Linköping University

Five representatives from Sweden's Linköping University, led by its Director of International Affairs Maria Engelmark, visited Tohoku University on March 22.

The group met with Associate Executive Vice President Masahiro Yamaguchi, who presented a brief history of Tohoku University and touched on the academic exchanges that have been carried out over the years with Swedish universities.

After the meeting, the group split into two and, depending on their specialization, visited either the materials science or visualization facilities on campus.

One group, including Professor Anders Ynnerman, Director of the Visualization Center C at Linköping University, visited the Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center (CYRIC) and met with Professor Manabu Tashiro, Associate Professor Ichiro Kuriki of the Research Institute of Electrical Communication and Senior Assistant Professor Miho Shidahara of the Graduate School of Medicine.

Ynnerman spoke about the state-of-the-art image analysis methods used in Sweden, such as the medical visualization table which he helped to develop. He also shared information that he had on the latest technologies such as program development, low-dose CT and real time fMRI.

Tashiro introduced the special features of the CYRIC, such as the PET equipment, and the facility's current educational activities regarding visualization. He also presented the results of recent research conducted on molecular imaging and visualization.


The other group, which comprised Engelmark and Professor Ulf Karlsson, chair of the department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, met with Professors Junsaku Nitta and Kyosuke Yoshimi of the Department of Materials Science within the Graduate School of Engineering.

Karlsson introduced his own field of research and mentioned that Linköping University is the highest rated university in Sweden for materials science. In exchange, Nitta shared information about his own research on spintronics. He also described the work on materials science currently being done at Tohoku University, and the exchange programmes open to foreign students.


Founded in 1969, Linköping University has approximately 27,000 students and is renowned for its world-class interdisciplinary research in fields such as material science and information technology, and also for its industry-academia collaboration.

It has departmental agreements with Tohoku University through the Graduate School of Arts and Letters, and the Graduate School of Engineering. Encouraged by the visit, Engelmark suggested that the agreements could be elevated to a university-level one, and expressed hopes that there be more international exchanges between the two sides in the near future.

The Linköping University members were part of a larger Swedish delegation, led by Östergötland County Governor Elisabeth Nilsson, which was in Miyagi Prefecture to attend an educational seminar. The event marked 150 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Sweden.

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