Vice Rector of the University of Indonesia Visits Tohoku University

On April 18, the Vice Rector of Academic and Student Affairs at the University of Indonesia, Professor Bambang Wibawarta, visited Tohoku University and met with Professor Masahiro Yamaguchi, Vice President for Education Reform and Global Engagement.

They discussed the exchanges that have taken place since the two universities held a joint workshop last October titled "Public Outreach and Contribution to Society for Humanities and Social Sciences."

Vice Rector Wibawarta spoke of the University of Indonesia's plans to establish a new research institute for disaster science, and expressed his hopes that there can be strong collaboration with Tohoku University in this field.

In reply, Vice President Yamaguchi said that because Japan and Indonesia are both prone to natural disasters and share many common problems, working together on disaster research will produce results that can benefit the whole world. And it wouldn't just be in one field, he added. "Disaster research involves everything from science and engineering, to the humanities, to medicine and health care. Through closer cooperation in disaster research, we will also be deepening our relationship in many other areas."

After the meeting, Vice Rector Wibawarta toured the International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS) and met with its director, Fumihiko Imamura.

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