A Visit by the Zhejiang University Logistics Group

On June 13, a delegation from the Zhejiang University Logistics Group visited Tohoku University to exchange information with the university's administrative staff.

Zhejiang University Logistics Group is a company wholly owned by Zhejiang University which maintains an academic exchange agreement with Tohoku University. It is responsible for managing facilities on Zhejiang University's eight campuses, including cafeterias, student and staff residences, purchases and assets, as well as utilities such as water and electricity.

Prior to the meeting, the delegation visited University House Aobayama, Aobayama Commons, the University Archives and the Lu Xun Lecture Hall. The group were interested in the administration of each facility, and they took the opportunity to discuss and exchange information about how such facilities are maintained.

At the meeting, Mr. Hitoshi Saito, General Manager of Tohoku University's administration bureau, said, "Tohoku University and Zhejiang University have enjoyed an academic exchange partnership for about 40 years, and I am very happy that today's meeting has expanded the exchanges between our two universities to include not only academia but also management and administration." Mr. Saito also pointed out that both universities are aiming to be world leaders, and so the exchange of information about how they approach administrative matters and issues they face is important to both.

The meeting was attended by staff from a number of Tohoku University's administrative departments, including the Education and Student Support Department, the Finance Department, the Facilities Department and the Information Department. Throughout the meeting, representatives of the two universities took turns to introduce their administrative responsibilities and enjoyed exchanging opinions on administration and management procedures.

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