Masato Sagawa Appointed Distinguished Invited University Professor

Tohoku University alumnus and one of the world's leading experts in permanent magnet materials research, Masato Sagawa, has been appointed a Distinguished Invited University Professor at a ceremony on November 11.

Sagawa received his doctorate degree from the Graduate School of Engineering in 1972, and won the Japan Prize in 2012 for inventing and developing the highest performing sintered Nd-Fe-B (neodymium-iron-boron) permanent magnets, and contributing to energy conservation.

Sagawa's Nd-Fe-B magnets - which can be found in many everyday items such as home appliances, industrial machines, automobiles and medical equipment - help products achieve greater energy efficiency by making them smaller, lighter and capable of higher output.

He is currently president of NDFEB Co., Ltd. and an advisor to Daido Special Steel Co., Ltd.

This is only the second time that Tohoku University has appointed a Distinguished Invited University Professor since the programme, which invites the expertise of extremely distinguished scholars, began in 2015. The late Nobel Laureate Peter Grünberg was the first to receive the title in May 2016.

As a Distinguished Invited University Professor, Sagawa will give seminars at Tohoku University, provide guidance to young researchers and exchange ideas with academics in related fields.

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