Vaccination Center Staff who Tested Positive had No Close Contact with Public

The Vaccination Center jointly set up by Tohoku University, Miyagi Prefecture and Sendai City has learned that a staff member has tested positive for the coronavirus on August 22.

The staff member was working at the center on August 19 and 20, mainly collecting and organising forms from Tohoku University students, faculty and staff who were there for the university's vaccination programme.

The staff member had a slight fever on August 22, and a PCR test subsequently came back positive for the coronavirus.

An investigation by the center confirmed that the staff member had no direct contact with the general public, and no close contact with anyone who was there on those two days. It assures the public that the facility is safe and asks that the privacy of the staff member be respected.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Vaccination Center has taken extra care to ensure that all possible infection prevention measures are in place. These include the frequent and thorough washing of hands, and requiring all staff to wear a mask and face shield at all times.

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