COVID-19 Information and Preventive Measures

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To accurately reflect the changing situation in Sendai, and to ensure that students get the best education while keeping safe, the university will occasionally make changes to the measures listed in its emergency action plan (BCP).

BCP (emergency action plan)

The BCP is currently at Level 2 from January 8, 2021.

Alert area:

Recreational and unnecessary travel is strongly discouraged, especially during crowded peak periods.
*Keep up with the situation in Miyagi Prefecture and Sendai City.

For students:

· All classes will move back online. Students should consult their professors for further instructions.
· Most research activities will be allowed to continue, as long as the time spent in the lab is kept to a minimum.
· Non-essential travel is strongly discouraged. (Travel Guideline)
· Extracurricular activities are all suspended.
*In addition to the points above, the basic infection prevention measures apply.

For faculty and staff:

· Please have meetings online. (Event Guideline)
· Administrative services will be telecommute or keep flexible hours. Staff working from home will have remote access to resources and meetings.
· Staff travelling on essential business should check for infection cases and take appropriate safety measures. (Travel Guideline)

Safety Measures:


Infection Prevention Handbook ( English/ Chinese /Other )
E-learning video / Test

What to do if you feel unwell

20201211_archive_whenfeelunwell.jpg20201120_image_archive_notwell_pic6.jpgIf you feel unwell, stay at home.
Please use the checklist to help monitor your health condition.


(1) If you feel unwell and notice symptoms (feel lethargic, light flu-like symptoms such as a fever or cough) for more than four days, please inform your department and contact the Miyagi / Sendai Call Center* at 022-398-9211. (24 hours)

Multilingual support by three-way calling is available for foreign nationals.
English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese: 24 hours
Thai, Nepali, Vietnamese, Russian, Tagalog, Indonesian, Hindi: Weekdays from 8: 30a.m. to 6p.m.


(2) If the Call Center suspects that you have been infected, you will be examined by an appropriate clinic or hospital. Bring the checklist with you.


(3) The clinic or hospital may administer a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test or something similar, to determine if you have COVID-19.


(4) If the test result is positive, you will be hospitalized for treatment. Even if the test is negative, you are strongly advised to stay home for eight days as a precaution.


(5) After treatment, you are considered to be in recovery if your condition improves and if you have no fever or other symptoms for at least 72 hours.

Here's a printable chart.

At every stage above, please keep your department informed and updated.
Send a report describing your condition and what you've been instructed to do, using the methods below.

Send your report to your department at stage (1) to (5).
*Email address and body will appear automatically when you click on the appropriate link on PDF.

emailicon_202004.jpgStudents: send via Google Form or Email
Staff: send via Google Form or Email

If you suspect you have been in close contact with an infected person

Stay home (isolate if possible) and monitor your condition for 14 days. Also contact your department.
Here is a useful checklist of symptoms pdf and flow chart .

If you develop symptoms, please follow the procedure above and contact the Miyagi / Sendai Call Center at 022-398-9211.
Multilingual support by three-way calling is available for foreign nationals.
English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese: 24 hours
Thai, Nepali, Vietnamese, Russian, Tagalog, Indonesian, Hindi: Weekdays from 8: 30a.m. to 6p.m.

*"Close contact" refers to being in the same room or building for more than 15 minutes and/or sharing equipment (PCs, tables, sofas, refrigerator etc.) with someone who would develop symptoms a few days later.

in Japanese

Latest News

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Positive COVID-19 cases at Tohoku University:

3/3 2/1 1/28 1/18 1/15 1/13 1/12 1/8 1/7 1/4 12/28 12/24 12/23 12/22 11/12 11/9 9/7 4/9 4/6
* Please respect the privacy of the people affected.

COVID-19 Research News

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Online Seminar Series: "Create the New Normal"

For Students and Staff:


Part-time jobs
Extracurricular Activities: at BCP Level 2
All extracurricular activities will be prohibited from January 8, 2021.


・Online classes: Guideline for Students / Guideline for Staff
ISTU, Google Meet, Google Classroom, Teams, Webex, Zoom
Study Room
Virtual backgrounds for online classes (Conditions of Use)


・On-campus classes: PDF

Mental Health Care / Help Desk

Student Health Care Center
Please make a reservation by telephone (022-795-7833) or by e-mail. 

International Student Help Desk -online
To access the service, please log in to Google Classroom via your DC mail account with the following class code.
Class code: wfm3mxf

Mental Health Hotline Related to COVID-19 (Heart Line)
Phone: 022-265-2229
Weekdays: 10am-12pm, 1pm-4pm

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Call Center
Phone: 0120-565653 (free)

Help Desk, Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC)
Phone: 0120-76-2029 (free) *Multilingual
Weekdays: 9am-5pm

AMDA International Medical Information Center
Phone: 03-6233-9266
eekdays: 10am-4pm, Facebook

Chatbot "MHLW COVID-19 Info" inside LINE by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

University events and facilities that are affected

With the safety of the community in mind, Tohoku University will be temporarily stopping some services and closing the following facilities.

Click here to see updates

Extra Information in English:

e-Newsletter for International Students
Subscribe to e-Newsletter for International Students to updated on the latest information.

The World Health Organisation has an excellent website with useful information about the coronavirus and what to do to stay safe.

NHK World News

The Ministry of Health, Laboour, and Welfare
Application: COVID-19 Contact Confirming Application (COCOA)
Google Play / App Store 

The Ministry of Justice
- Extension of the period for acceptance of applications and extension of the application examination results
- Regarding the period of validity of the Certificate of Eligibility

The Japanese National Tourism Association (Facebook)

JNTO: the Japan Visitor Hotline offers foreign tourists 24 hour assistance in English, Chinese and Korean: 050-3816-2787.

Line bot: Add "Tohoku University COVID-19 news"to Friend to get the latest news.

Japanese Society of Public Health (Information regarding COVID-19 for foreign residents in Japan)


The procedure of entry into Japan from all countries / regions has been amended (Updated on December 27, 2020).
From December 28, 2020, until the end of January 2021, entry into Japan from all countries and regions (except for the United Kingdom and Republic of South Africa) under this framework will not be permitted. (PDF)

Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC)
Phone: 03-5363-3013 *Multilingual
Weekdays: 9am-5pm

International Students and Staff who have to Travel for an Emergency

Japan has recently tightened its border controls to limit the spread of mutant strains of the coronavirus. International students, faculty and staff who need to return home urgently, should refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and their home embassy for re-entry protocols. Students and researchers are also reminded that they need to get approval from the university (through their department) before travelling. Details and useful links here.

Website of Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

・Border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)
・Valid Format of "Certificate of Negative Test Result"


Tohoku University International PR Section
Tel: +81-22-217-4816
Fax: +81-22-217-4818

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