Winners of Tohoku University's 2019 Spring / Summer Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winners of Tohoku University's 2019 Spring / Summer Photo Contest!

The winning entries for each category can be seen below.
Each winner will receive a voucher worth 2,000 yen.

Category A:
Scenes / Buildings Around Campus

Name: Toshihiro Aizawa
Title: Our Path
Location: Aobayama campus

Name: Shreya Santra
Title: Sunset of the Summer Solstice
Location: Aobayama campus

Category B:
Research / Education / Club Activities/ Event Related Activity at Tohoku University

Name: Nguyen Quoc Hung
Title: Kids Mingling with Nature at Tohoku University
Location: Botanical Garden, Kawauchi campus

Name: Viet Nguyen
Title: Baseball with Lab Mates
Location: Sendai, Miyagi

Category C:
Photos Capturing the Ongoing Miyagi Recovery Efforts

Name: Alex Kurenkov
Title: The Universe, View from Miyagi Coast
Location: Kesennuma, Miyagi

Name: Nguyen Quoc Hung
Title: Ishinomaki Today: Rising from the Wreckage
Location: Ishinomaki, Miyagi

Name: Tsuyoshi Takahashi
Title: Moving Forward, Masamune Spirit
Location: Sendai, Miyagi

The Tohoku University Photo Contest comprises several seasonal competitions that take place throughout the year. They are open to everyone, including students, faculty and members of the public.

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