Message from the President

A message from Tohoku University's President Hideo Ohno.

Welcome to Tohoku University!

As President of Tohoku University, I welcome you to your new home.

I would like to congratulate you on your successful admission and I am delighted that we can include bright minds to our community.

Tohoku University was founded in 1907 as the third National University of Japan. Our core values have been "Research First", "Open Door" and "Practice-Oriented Research and Education" from the very beginning. Our aim has always been to innovate, to improve communities both at home and abroad, and to enhance the lifestyle of the people.

We have established a place where people can gather, learn and create; a place where every member is able to fully unfold their unique potentials.

I will not go into further details of our history, but I just want to mention that last year our university was selected as one of the first three Designated National Universities by the Japanese government. You will be part of a community of scholars who have overcome much and achieved even more. And your spirit to accept new challenges will be the fuel for our entire community.

And while Tohoku University is one of the leading universities in Japan, the region of Tohoku has four distinct seasons, which can be experienced on our four campuses -- from the cherry blossoms you can observe right now, to the beautiful colors of autumn.

Now, before I make a few concluding remarks in Japanese, let me just say this: There will be times when you might struggle, times when you doubt yourself, times when you have to go to your limits and push your own boundaries. But you will learn from your experience and you will emerge as a more sophisticated version of yourself. And I am convinced the coming years will be one of the most fruitful of your life. Welcome to Tohoku University.

Tohoku University President
Hideo Ohno

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Hideo Ohno
President of Tohoku University
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