Feature Highlights

  • YUI Project - Ties that Bind and Save Lives

    Tohoku University brings disaster awareness to elementary schools through the YUI Project, which teaches children the basics of natural disasters and what to do in an emergency.

  • Sea Change

    Professor Akihiro Kijima and his research team at the Onagawa Field Center have been working on restoring marine life in the wake of the devastating tsunami five years ago.

  • Brain training turns back your cognitive clock

    Ryuta Kawashima at Tohoku University's Smart Aging International Research Center shows how simple mental exercises can reverse the effects of aging and dementia.

  • Forcing liquids into a squeeze

    Kazue Kurihara at Tohoku University develops advanced techniques to study the surprising forces that emerge when sandwiching liquids between two surfaces.

  • Brain buster: Noriko Osumi is uncovering the links between genetics and brain development

    The human brain is sometimes described as the most complex structure in the known universe. It's something we know surprisingly little about, even in 2016.

  • Taking memory for a spin

    Surprise discoveries by Hideo Ohno have led to spintronic technologies that are set to drastically cut the power consumption of memory devices.

  • Fueling the hydrogen revolution

    Hydrogen-related technologies are poised to transform the world's energy infrastructure, and Shin-ichi Orimo's group is leading the charge in this field.

  • A Planner by Design

    Yasuaki Onoda is an architectural planner who works behind the scenes to ensure that all elements come together to create the best possible conditions for a successful project.

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