Tohoku University provides overseas students the opportunity to study in specialized domains by offering graduate courses in English, as well as in Japanese.

Application qualifications, procedures and application period vary depending on each graduate school. Please contact your desired graduate school directly for detailed information. We have many degree courses taught in English too.

Graduate SchoolsMajorsEnglish
Arts and Letters Humane Studies Apr/Oct Kawauchi
Linguistic Studies Apr/Oct
Historical Studies Apr/Oct
Human Sciences Apr/Oct
Education Educational Science Apr/Oct
Educational Design and Measurement Apr/Oct
Law Law and Society (Law School) Apr Katahira
Public Law and Policy (School of Public Policy) Apr
Legal and Political Studies YES Apr/Oct Kawauchi
Economics and
Economics and Management YES Apr
Accountancy (Accounting School) Apr Katahira
Science Mathematics YES Apr/Oct Aobayama
Physics YES Apr/Oct
Astronomy YES Apr/Oct
Geophysics YES Apr/Oct
Chemistry YES Apr/Oct
Earth Science YES Apr/Oct
Medicine Medical Sciences YES Apr/Oct Seiryo
Disability Sciences YES Apr/Oct
Health Sciences YES Apr/Oct
Public Health
Dentistry Dental Sciences YES Apr/Oct
Molecular Pharmaceutical Science YES Apr/Oct Aobayama
Life and Pharmaceutical Science YES Apr/Oct
Pharmacy YES Apr/Oct
Engineering Mechanical Systems and Design YES Apr/Oct
Nanomechanics YES Apr/Oct
Aerospace Engineering YES Apr/Oct
Quantum Science and Energy Engineering YES Apr/Oct
Electrical Engineering YES Apr/Oct
Communications Engineering YES Apr/Oct
Electronic Engineering YES Apr/Oct
Applied Physics YES Apr/Oct
Applied Chemistry YES Apr/Oct
Chemical Engineering YES Apr/Oct
Biomolecular Engineering YES Apr/Oct
Metallurgy YES Apr/Oct
Materials Science YES Apr/Oct
Materials Processing YES Apr/Oct
Civil and Environmental Engineering YES Apr/Oct
Architecture and Building Science YES Apr/Oct
Management Science and Technology YES Apr/Oct
Bioengineering and Robotics YES Apr/Oct
Agricultural Science Biological Resource Sciences YES Apr/Oct Amamiya
Life Sciences YES Apr/Oct
Bioscience and Biotechnology for Future Bioindustries YES Apr/Oct
International Cultural Studies International Cultural Studies YES Apr/Oct Kawauchi
YES Apr/Oct
YES Apr/Oct
Computer and Mathematical Sciences YES Apr/Oct Aobayama
System Information Sciences YES Apr/Oct
Human-Social Information Sciences YES Apr/Oct
Applied Information Sciences YES Apr/Oct
Life Sciences Biomolecular Sciences YES Apr/Oct
Developmental Biology and Neurosciences YES Apr/Oct
Environmental Life Sciences YES Apr/Oct
Environmental Studies Environmental Studies for Advanced Society YES Apr/Oct
Frontier Science for Advanced Environment
Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering YES Apr/Oct
Educational Informatics
Education Division
Educational Informatics YES Apr/Oct Aobayama
Educational Informatics
Research Division
Apr/Oct Kawauchi
Professional Graduate School
Law School
School of Public Policy
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