Tohoku University Homecoming Day 2015

The largest alumni event on the annual calendar will be held this weekend on Saturday, October 31 at Tohoku University Centennial Hall.

Homecoming Day is a chance for alumni to revisit the campus, meet with former teachers, friends and current students. We also invite friends of the university to come and spend the day with us. There will be concerts, talks, exhibitions and myriad stalls throughout the day.

The School Festival is being held simultaneously at the nearby Kawauchi Campus from Friday, October 30~November 1, so come on down and bring the family!

Stalls will feature a range of goods 11:00~5:00pm

Sweets Town

Original cakes, cookies and sweets created especially for Homecoming Day by local patisseries will be on sale. But get in quick, because they go fast!


This is your chance to support HAKUTO in their quest for lunar exploration, by purchasing their original goods. HAKUTO with team members from Tohoku University, is the sole Google Lunar XPRIZE team from Japan, and a global leader in space robotics.

Programme of events

Lobby Concert 1:00 ~ 4:50pm

There will be entertainment throughout the afternoon in the lobby of the Tohoku University Centennial Hall.

Shakuhachi performance 1:00~1:30pm

Musicians from the university's Traditional Japanese Music Club will play popular folk songs on the shakuhachi, a traditional Japanese flute made of bamboo.

Rakugo storytelling 1:35~2:20pm

The rakugo club will entertain audiences with the 400-year-old tradition of Japanese comic storytelling. Rakugo is a minimalistic performance art, which features a lone storyteller dressed in kimono, kneeling on a cushion, who uses minimal props to help tell their story.

Tompectrum 3:30 ~ 3:55pm

Tohoku University's barbershop quartet Tompectrum, create their own scores to bring you the best in a capella harmonies.

Aoba Joshi Men's Choir 4:00~4:25pm

Sendai's popular all male choir is set to give a dynamic performance. This is a great chance to see them live in outside of their 3 main annual performances.

WageStarz 4:30~4:50pm

Local chorus group Wagstarz, will entertain with a colourful repertoire of songs, ranging from classical songs, to gospel and J-pop.

Exhibitions in the lobby

  • Calligraphy club
  • Photography club

Seminar session 1:30 ~3:30pm

To mark the 100 year anniversary of Tohoku University Hospital, the focus of this year's talks is "Tohoku University: at the forefront of clinical research and diagnosis."

Prof. Teiji Tominaga
Tohoku University School of Medicine
Prof. Sasaki Keiichi
Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry
Prof. Masashi Aoki
Tohoku University School of Medicine
Prof. Nobuo Yaegashi
Director, Tohoku University Hospital
Mio Nemoto

Homecoming Day Concert @ Hagi Hall Auditorium 5:15~7:15pm

500 yen per ticket. All tickets are for unreserved seats and can be bought on the day.

Performance schedule:
Tohoku University Men's Alumni Choir
Tohoku University Mixed Alumni Choir
Tohoku University Men's Choir
Tohoku University Mixed Choir
Tohoku University Traditional Japanese Music Club
Tohoku University Brass Band Club
Tohoku University Orchestra
Tohoku University Orchestra, Men's choir + alumni, Women's choir + alumni, Mixed choir + alumni, graduates and locals.


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