Join Us for Homecoming Day 2021!

Tohoku University will celebrate its 114th anniversary with Homecoming Day festivities on October 23. Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the event will be held online this year, and will be an opportunity for alumni who are currently abroad to also participate.

There will be two parts to the programme. The first will comprise a series of lectures, followed by a flag-giving ceremony involving the overseas chapters of the Alumni Association.

The second part will be an open chat session for all members of the Tohoku University family to meet up with old friends, professors as well as students.

Event: Tohoku University 114th Anniversary Homecoming Day
Date and time: October 23, 2021, from 10 a.m.
Venue: Online via Youtube (live streaming)
Registration is required:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Registration deadline: October 20, 2021

Here is the programme for the day. For more details, please visit the Homecoming Day website.

Part 1: Commemorative Lectures (Live Stream) 10 a.m.- 1 p.m.

(1) Greetings from Tohoku University President Hideo Ohno
President Ohno will share the university's latest initiatives, and take questions from the audience.

(2) Alumni Lectures:
• Yoshiko Yokomukai (Graduate School of Agriculture, 1986) is a professor at Niigata Agro-Food University.
• Tsuyoshi Kimura (Faculty of Economics, 1990) is President of Baeren Brewery.
• Ritsuto Igarashi (Law School, 2015) is a writer and lawyer.

(3) Banner Presentation to Overseas Chapters of the Alumni Association
The Tohoku University Alumni Association's overseas chapters will receive the official Tohoku University Alumni Banner from the Shuyukai in a small ceremony. Each chapter's representative will also give a brief update on recent and upcoming activities.

(4) Raffle
Everyone who registers to participate in Homecoming Day will be entered into a raffle, with prizes related to the university, such as:
• Tohoku University's original Junmai Daiginjo sake "Hagi no Yukari"
• Tohoku University branded water bottles, coffee beans, stationery etc
• Gunma Meat Co. Ltd.'s "Gunma Mugi Pork Loin Pickle Set," (featured in the popular 100 yen Breakfast series on campus)
(Note that the university is not able to mail certain food items overseas, so all winners based outside Japan will receive a non-perishable prize.)

Part 2: Online Exchange Meetings from 2 p.m.

There will be special Zoom Rooms for alumni, students, old friends and professors, to get together and talk. Sign up for an existing room here: Tohoku University 114th Anniversary Homecoming Day.

Homecoming Day is open to everyone in the community, but especially to all past and present members of the Tohoku University Family. Let's share old memories and make new ones. See you there!

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