Tohoku University International Festival Exhibition

The always fun, always popular Tohoku University International Festival is coming up again. And in the lead up to this year's event, a special exhibition showcasing 30 years of festival highlights, is being held at the main library on Kawauchi Campus.

Interactive features of the exhibition include a major collaborative artwork and the making of "Friendship Loops." The completed artwork and "Friendship Loops" - both representing the bonds of international friendship - will be used as the main decorations at the festival on May 24.

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Food enthusiasts can also pick up recipes at the exhibition. The recipes - a collection of exotic dishes from around the world - are a preview of the international food stalls that will be cooking at the festival.

The festival itself is free, but tickets for the food stalls can be bought at the exhibition. The exhibition will run from May 9 - 27.

Directions to the Library can be found here:


Tohoku University Foreign Students Association

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