Once upon a time on Kawauchi Campus

An exhibition of artefacts from Sendai Castle's samurai residence

Have you ever imagined what lies under Kawauchi's North Campus?

In 2004, during excavation surveys for the construction of the Sendai Tozai Subway Line,
archaeological artefacts from the Edo period were unearthed.

Many of the relics were from bygone days when the area was the samurai residence of the ruling Date clan. Not far away, the outer fortress to Sendai's castle was at Kawauchi's South Campus.

When the Tokugawa shogunate ended, the grounds were annexed by the Meiji government and turned over to the Japanese Imperial Army who set up the Sendai garrison. After World War 2, the grounds exchanged hands once again to be used by the U.S. occupying army forces. Finally, the land was transferred to Tohoku University in 1957.

From March 27 until May 6, an exhibition of artifacts found at the site will be on display at Tohoku University's main library. The exhibit will include an outline of the excavation survey.

Entrance is free, so drop by to find out about Kawauchi's long and varied history.

Date: March 27 ~ May 6
Time: 8 a.m. ~ 10 p.m. (unless otherwise specified on the library's website)
Venue: Entrance Lobby, Tohoku University Main Library (Map)

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