Classroom English: Pronunciation and Expressions

Lecturers: Todd Enslen & Vincent Scura
Date: December 11 (Thursday)
Time: 4:30pm~7:00pm
Venue: Room A307, Lecture Building A, Kawauchi campus

Giving a class in one's second language can be a daunting task. Directly transferring the contents of a course from Japanese into English can't guarantee that the lesson will run smoothly either. Knowing how to begin the lesson, and give clear instructions to students in English will help make delivering an entire lesson easier.

In this workshop, educators and graduate students wanting to give lessons in English will learn methods to improve pronunciation, as well as English expressions for practical use in the classroom.

The lecture is brought to you by experienced educators Todd Enslen and Vincent Scura as a part of the Professional Development Program series. It is primarily aimed at tertiary educators and graduate students who hope to teach in the future, but is also open to high school teachers who would like to attend.

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4:30pm~4:35pm Opening: Professor Takashi Hata, Director of the Center for Professional Development

4:35~5:35 Session 1: Language of the classroom
Lecturer: Todd Enslen - Institute for Excellence in Higher Education -

5:35~6:20 Session 2: Pronunciation:Hints and Tips
Lecturer: Vincent Scura - Institute for Excellence in Higher Education

6:20~6:55 Session 3: Practice  
Facilitators: Todd Enslen & Vincent Scura

6:55-7:00 Closing Todd Enslen

Click here for the program brouchure (pdf)


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